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Although we have sold hundreds of dollars worth of these chemical cleaning formula books, amongst some of the people who bought the books, we've had some real winners who've made a real success in the manufacturing and selling of these products.

Read what some of our buyers have to say.

Car Wash Operator buys the first book.

The first book we sold, was to Greg van Vuuren, even before we had started advertising on the web.

Here is what he has to say.

"Hi, my name is Greg van Vuuren and I am the owner of a car wash & valet service. I purchased the book from Heinrich a while ago, even before they had completely finished writing it. I only manufacture car wash and shine products for myself to use in my business and my cleaning material costs are now one quarter of what it used to be.

I am very glad I forked out the money to buy this book. It has already saved me thousands of Rands and I'm not even selling any of the products I manufacture.

Thanks Guys"

A Paint Manufacturer tries our products.

Johan Botes from Pretoria, South Africa says:

I am a paint manufacturer and therefore it was easy to switch to manufacturing something else, but using a similar process as in paint mixing and production. I have to compliment you and tell you that your books, (I bought all of them) really made my day. We are doing so much better now and selling much more products and our profits are much higher than the profits on paint manufacturing.

In South Africa?

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