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Chemical Formulas

Household Cleaning

Product 1 Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

Product 2 Liquid Dishwashing Detergent 2

Product 3 Liquid Dishwashing Detergent 3

Product 4 Household Bleach

Product 5 All Purpose Cleaner

Product 6 All Purpose Cleaner

Product 7 Universal Cleaner 2

Product 8 Ammoniated Type Cleaner

Product 9 Window Cleaner

Product 10 Window Cleaner 2

Product 11 Window Cleaner 3

Product 12 Air Freshener Product 13 Air freshener 2

Product 14 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Product 15 Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2

Product 16 Pine gel

Product 17 Pure Pine Disinfectant

Product 18 Liquid Hand Soap

Product 19 Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap

Product 20 Liquid Hand Soap 2

Product 21 Germicidal Sanitizer/Disinfectant

Product 22 Hair Shampoo

Product 23 Liquid Furniture Polish

Product 24 Liquid Wax Floor Polish

Product 25 Metal Polish for Silver

Product 26 Tile and Household Cleaner

Product 27 Acidic Bathroom Cleaner.

Product 28 All Purpose Cleaner For use on bathroom tile and glass surfaces

Product 29 All purpose cleaner Mild and Viscous

Product 30 Anti Bacterial All Purpose Cleaner

Product 31 Anti Bacterial Dishwashing Paste

Product 32 Anti Bacterial Foam Cleanser

Product 33 Anti bacterial Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent

Product 34 Anti Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash

Product 35 Anti Bacterial Window Cleaner

Product 36 D-Limonene Based All Purpose Industrial Cleaner

Product 37 D-Limonene Based All Purpose Cleaner

Product 38 D-Limonene Based General Purpose Concentrate for Water Dilution

Product 39 D-Limonene Based Graffiti Cleaner

Product 40 D-Limonene Based Grease Trap Maintenance Product

Product 41 Fat Remover

Product 42 Fat Solve

Product 43 Glass Cleaner – Trigger Spray

Product 44 Hard Surface Cleaner

Product 45 Medium Duty Industrial Cleaner (Light Soils)

Product 46 Metal Polish – Liquid A Fantastic polish that is easy to make and cost effective.

Product 47 Oven Cleaner

Product 48 Oven Cleaner – Transparent

Product 49 Scouring Cleaner

Product 50 Soap Scum Remover

Product 51 Soap Scum Remover

Product 52 Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Spray

Product 53 Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Solid

Product 54 Toilet Cleaner – Gel

Product 55 Floor Cleaner

Product 56 Floor cleaner 2

Fabric Care

Product 61 Anti-bacterial Fabric Softener

Product 62 Antibacterial Liquid Laundry Detergent

Product 63 Heated Process Standard Formulation

Product 64 Fabric Softener Approximately 4% active

Product 65 Fabric Softener Approximately 5% active

Product 66 Fabric Softener Approximately 13.5%

Product 67 Fabric Softener "Fast Dry" Approximately 18% active

Product 68 Fabric Softener "Easy Iron" Approximately 18% active

Product 69 Fabric Softener "Fiber Care" Approximately 18% active

Product 70 Odor Absorber – Aqueous

Product 71 Pre-soaker - Basic

Product 72 Pre-wash lotion

Product 73 Spot Remover

Product 74 Wool Washing Liquid

Industrial Cleaning

Product 75 Anti Bacterial All Purpose Cleaner

Product 76 Anti Bacterial Foam Cleanser

Product 77 Anti bacterial Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent

Product 78 D-Limonene Based Concrete Cleaner Water Soluble

Product 80 D-Limonene Based Printing Press Cleaner Water Soluble

Product 82 Heavy Duty Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaner. Phosphate Free

Product 83 Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner Aluminum Surfaces

Product 84 High Pressure Cleaner

Product 85 Machine Floor Scrubber

Product 86 Metal Surface Cleaner – Steel

Product 87 Sanitizer

Product 88 Wall Cleaner

Product 89 Wall Cleaner 2

Product 90 Hand Cleaner

Product 91 Drain Cleaner

Product 92 Drain Cleaner Powder

Product 93 Drain Cleaner 2

Product 94 AlgaeGone

Product 95 Cement, Concrete and Brick Cleaner

Product 96 Brick and Stone Cleaner

Product 97 Garage Floor Cleaner

Product 98 Degreaser

Product 99 Heavy Duty Degreaser

Product 100 Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser

Auto Care

Product 101 Anti Fogging Agent

Product 102 Car Shampoo

Product 103 Car Shampoo Cost effective

Product 104 Car Wash and Wax Gel Form

Product 105 Car Wash and Wax

Product 106 Dashboard Gloss

Product 107 Glass Cleaner Anti – Fogging

Product 108 Insect Remover

Product 109 Jet Wash Spray Wax

Product 110 Pre-wash Traffic Film Remover

Product 111 Rim Cleaner Automatic wash

Product 112 Rinse Aid for Automatic Car Wash Plants

Product 113 Spray on Car Polish One step car polish, there is no need to wash the car first

Product 114 Traffic Film Remover

Product 115 Traffic film Remover Cost effective

Product 116 Tire Shine Works as well as a solvent based formula and it's more cost effective

Product 117 Tire and Bumper Shine Long lasting shine

Product 118 Water Repellent Agent High Foam manual

Product 119 Windscreen Cleaner Summer

Product 120 Windscreen Cleaner Winter

Product 121 Car Shampoo

Product 123 Car Wash and Wax Liquid

Product 124 Radiator Anti-Freeze and Anti-Rust

Product 125 Electric Motor Cleaner

Product 126 Pressure/Steam Cleaner

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